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Hippo Video API combines a well-scoped feature set for both users and developers.
The following are the benefits and features that come with our embeddable API.

Benefits of Using Our API

Easily Embeddable

Hippo Video offers you a seamless API integration. The Embed Button works with any web page, blog or publishing platform. All you need to have is a browser extension and a simple code to get things started.

White Label API

Display your brand on our player. Your users will only see your brand in their entire experience with the API recorder.

Reliable & Affordable

Hippo Video is a powerhouse that can hold thousands of videos providing the needed stability for its users. The Video/Screen Recorder API is highly affordable.

Customizable API Button & Callback Events

  • The API Button is designed to fit all styles. That’s why we built customizable buttons for your convenience. You can now modify the API’s theme and its view, to suit your brand.
  • We send callback events to improve your user’s experience whenever they take specific action on the API button.


Instant Video Playback & Editing

  • We guarantee your viewers get the freedom to playback their video once they finish recording.
  • Never compromise in video editing. Hippo Video offers your viewers with editing options like trim, crop, frame resizing, adding text, smileys, callouts, and more! This helps your viewers to send you the edited videos after perfecting it.

How businesses use our API?

Businesses use Hippo Video embeddable video API to:

And, there is no limit, we can go on forever with the list of use cases.

You are one step closer to experience our video creation API.
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